Shoegaze y Dream Pop

The songs on this compilation are all from Latin American bands. Mexico and Argentina are represented three times each, Brazil twice, and there is one entry apiece from Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, and Chile. Unfortunately, my Spanish is terrible and my Portuguese is worse, so there are some instances where I was not able to get much information about a particular band, but at least you can still enjoy the music.

Track List

01. “Wetlands” by The Great Wilderness from In the Hour of the Wolf
There is a song by this band from San José, Costa Rica on the first compilation I posted on this blog. Bassist (at the time) Monserrat Vargas provided the photograph from which the cover for that compilation was taken, and guitarist/vocalist Paula Rogue participated in the first interview published here. I am very happy to find the band still active and putting out such good music.
Bandcamp | Facebook | website

02. “Sister” by Wry from Whales and Sharks
This now defunct Brazilian band formed in the dying years of the original Shoegaze Era and put out its first album in 1995, but I never heard of Wry until 2007, when I bought the Wales and Sharks EP from the iTunes Music Store. The band called it quits in 2009, after releasing what I thought was its best album: She Science.

03. “Inútil” by Pequeño Zoológico de Ruidos from Lo Que se ve Desde un Aeroplano
They must love their zoos in Argentina, because this is the second Argentine band I know of to use ‘Zoológico’ in its name. You’ll find the other one a little further down in the track list.
Bandcamp | Facebook

04. “Historias de Frio” by Sexores from Historias de Frio
The subject of my previous post, this band has quickly become a favorite of mine. This is the title track to their excellent second album.
Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram

05. “Hollow Curve” by Has a Shadow from Hollow Curve
Like label-mates, Lorelle Meets the Obsolete, this band is also from Guadalajara, Mexico.
Bandcamp | Facebook

06. “Me Preocupan Más Las Pirañas” by Queridas from Drama Bomb
There are some very sweet tunes on this EP, which is the solo work of Mi Nave guitarist Andrés Yeah from Rosario, Argentina. I had difficulty choosing a song, but, in the end, I went with this one, which I translated as ‘My preoccupation with Piranhas’, although Google Translate is trying to convince me that “More concerned I Piranhas” is a better translation. Either way… Piranhas! How could I not choose it.

07. “Not Everybody Its The Same” by Trementina from Single I
Not being able to read Spanish (or to trust Google Translate), I can’t say much more about this band than that they are from Valdivia, Chile and had this single put out by Latinoamerica, which looks like a very useful blog for discovering and learning more about Shoegazing in Latin America (if only I could read Spanish).
Bandcamp | Facebook

08. “Sombras” by Vaya Futuro from Ideas A Medias
Luis Aguilar, Miguel Ahuage, Aldair Cerezo, and Julio Pillado are four lads from Tijuana, Mexico who love to make some noise (the good kind).
Bandcamp | Facebook

09. “Soft Focus” by Asalto al Parque Zoológico from APZOO EP
I’ve had a partial, bootlegged copy of this EP for a couple of years, so it was nice to finally be able to purchase the entire EP when it recently became available on Bandcamp. Some of the songs at the beginning sound like the answer to the question, “What would My Bloody Valentine sound like if they were from Buenos Aires, Argentina?”
Bandcamp | Facebook | website

10. “Feel Inside” by Orquídea
Abdel De La Cruz and Raúl Begazo are Peruvian Shoegazers, and that, apparently, is all they want for us to know about them.

11. “Art for Free” by Lorelle Meets The Obsolete from Corruptible Faces
This song is from the band’s second album, which followed their delectable debut, On Welfare, and was, in turn, followed by this year’s Chambers, which has garnered much critical acclaim. The band has recently returned home to Guadalajara, Mexico after finishing its second US tour in the last twelve months.
Bandcamp | Facebook | Tumblr

12. “Guarde-me Uma Prece Para Amanhã” by Bela Infanta from Apenas Cinco
Santa Catarina is the southernmost but one of the twenty-six states that make up The Federal Republic of Brazil (Repœblica Federativa do Brasil), and somewhere within this state is Joinville, home to this fine band.
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  1. aryeheastinstruments says:

    Holy HeyZeus . . . these Latin’s are bringing it!

    Dude, Wry is amazing.

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