Aside Beside Seaside Decide (part 4)

Here, at last, is the fourth and final compilation in this series. There isn’t much need for me to say anything about it. I’d rather let the music speak for itself. Enjoy.

Track List

01. Lava Lite “Have You Ever” from Lava Lite
There are a couple of very good tracks on this self-titled debut EP. I look forward to hearing what this band from Saint Petersburg, Russia comes up with next.
Bandcamp | Facebook | SoundCloud | Vimeo

02. Demure For Sure “Yyeeaahh” from Demure For Sure
Another band choosing to remain anonymous—in New York City of all places. I would have thought that the real trick is to make a name for yourself in the ‘Big Apple’.
Bandcamp | Facebook | SoundCloud | website

03. Gum “Like Ink” from Album Demo’s That Won’t Be On The Album!
They released their first EP in 2012, and now this London band is preparing to release an album. If the quality of these five ‘rejects’ is anything to go by, the album will be warmly received by the Shoegaze community.
Bandcamp | Facebook

04. The Backhomes “Talk” from Talk
The duo of Kees Dekker and Aimée van Drimmelen make what they call Psych Pop in Victoria, British Columbia.
Bandcamp | Facebook | website

05. Should “Animate” from Down A Notch
Having originally appeared at the tail-end of the first Shoegaze era, this Baltimore, Maryland band has repeatedly resurfaced in the 21st century with a smattering of singles. This song is an instrumental. I know, I’m as shocked as you are, but it’s so catchy, I couldn’t help myself.
Bandcamp | Facebook

06. Static Daydream “Disbelief”
Had I chosen any of the six other singles I own by this band, you would have immediately recognized the singer’s voice, having heard it when listening to Ceremony and Skywave.
Bandcamp | Facebook | SoundCloud

07. King Mountain Petrol “Sum = 1” from Dull Inner Light (a cassette EP they split with Bad Hex)
I am reliably informed that this band is not just the four musicians listed on the EP’s Bandcamp page, but is actually a collective of seven members, all under the legal drinking age, which in Portland, Oregon is twenty-one.
Bandcamp | Facebook | Tumblr | Instagram

08. Viscous Liquid “If I Go” from Songs For Jealous Lovers
I interpret, “A solitary cosmonaut getting spacey to make music to space out to…” to mean that, like the first, this second EP is the work of a solo artist enjoying his anonymity in Reading, England.

09. She Sir “Mania Mantle” from Go Guitars
This Austin, Texas band dropped the ‘,’ from its name and flew under the radar for a spell, but they’re back now with an album overflowing with deliciously dreamy Shoegaze tunes.
Facebook | website

10. Memory Clinic “Gentle Neglect”
As this band is located in the western part of North Wales, there is a very good chance that Phillip Burrows (Vocals/Guitar), Alex Morrison (Bass), and Sam Roberts (Drums) actually speak Welsh. Their new single is sung in English, however.
Bandcamp | Facebook | SoundCloud

11. The Very Wicked “Wake Up, Aimee” from You’re The Everything In Us
This South African band presents an interesting mix of musical styles—including Psychedelia—on their debut album. I look forward to hearing what these Cape Town residents get up to in the future.
Bandcamp | Facebook | website


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