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Not (Anne)other Interview!

Anne is a local band, but it took finding the MP3 download of the Demo2010 EP to bring them to my attention – I’ve been kind of out of it for the better part of two years, and during my … Continue reading

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GDaY Mate

“Gypsy Death and You is a Philadelphian two-piece comprised of Emily Cahill and Alex Wilson. The band was formed after its two members met in a music course during their freshman year of college. Sharing similar influences, the duo composes … Continue reading

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Cover Art for Vibrato 2010

Monserrat Vargas, bassist for The Great Wilderness, has given me permission to use an untitled photograph of hers for the cover of Vibrato 2010. I cropped the photograph to form a square – I thought that a better option than … Continue reading

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Two Weeks Notice

this is for you, Cous The idea for this compilation came to me as I was considering what new music I would recommend to a friend of mine who had been going through a difficult time and had kind of … Continue reading

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Curve On Bandcamp

Only moments before I received a phone call from a friend informing me that they had arrived in Portland and were ready to meet up at Wonder Ballroom, I was looking at the Bandcamp Shoegaze page – sorted by most … Continue reading

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A Handful of Curves

I have a theory that two albums and a handful of EPs is all the Shoegazing any band has in them. After that, either the quality of the music falls off sharply, or the band moves on to something else. … Continue reading

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Let’s Give It Another Whirl, Shall We?

I enjoyed yesterday’s interview with The Great Wilderness so much I asked Nick, one of Whirl‘s three guitarists, if I could try my hand at interviewing again, this time with Whirl as the subject. To my surprise, he readily agreed … Continue reading

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