HdFNo, this is not an experiment to see if putting ‘sex’ in the title of a post will increase readership. Sexores is the name of a band, and a pretty good one at that.

I was recently contacted by Emilia Bahamonde, who invited me to listen to Historias de Frio, the newest album by Sexores, the band in which she sings and plays guitar. I am very glad that she did, because I had previously come across the album on my own, but declined to give it a listen when I saw that, should I be fortunate enough to find one I liked, I would not be able to buy an individual song from the album. As it turned out, however, once I gave it a listen, I loved the album and ended up buying it—all eight songs.

(In my defense, I must point out that 80% of the material tagged ’Shoegaze’ on Bandcamp doesn’t come close to qualifying for that distinction, so, if I run into any obstacles with a particular release, I usually just play the percentages and skip it.)

Naturally, I wrote back to thank Emilia for making sure I didn’t miss this excellent album as well as to ask for more information about the band and its music. This is some of her reply:

“Originally from Ecuador, but now based in Barcelona, Sexores is the sound of a constant music evolution, led by electronic experimentation and “The Wall of Sound” technique. Founded as a five pieces band in 2010, Sexores has always chased a specific concept, eventually finding it in 2011 with the consolidation of the line-up as a duo. Currently promoting our second LP: Historias de Frío, the band has played in several cities in Europe as well as the Northside Festival and SXSW.”

Here’s an interesting tidbit: “everybody in Sexores has a number, because our music uses a lot of programming and some compositions are based on mathematics.” Emilia is 2046 and David Yépez, the one who first conceived of the project that became Sexores, is 606.

After the release of their first LP, Amok & Burnout, a rupture in the band occurred, and the three members who were more focused on the visual aspects of performing left the band. It seems that a shared aversion to happy songs, a love of distortion and reverb, and the influence of bands such as My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and Cocteau Twins propelled 606 and 2046 toward Shoegaze.

Now, the scary part: Historias de Frio was due to be released last year, but before that could happen, thieves entered Emilia’s home and robbed her at gunpoint, stealing all her equipment. Understandably, this led to a desire for a change of scenery, which is why David and Emilia are currently enrolled at The University of Barcelona in Spain.

One possible positive aspect of this story is that, as a result of having to redo the songs, Emilia feels that Historias de Frio has definitely became “a more human album”, because the duo were better able to express the sadness, solitude, and melancholy they were aiming for in the new versions of the songs.

At this point, I would just like to extend Emilia’s invitation to each reader. Use the embedded player below to sample the music of Sexores. If you love Shoegaze, I’m confident that you’ll be glad you did.


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