Aside Beside Seaside Decide (part 3)

This compilation is kind of eclectic, some of the songs hovering near the fringes of Shoegaze—with a possible escapee or two. It was meant to be dreamier, more reminiscent of the soothing susurration of the waves gently lapping at the shoreline, but it didn’t quite reach that level of peacefulness. If you give it a chance, however, you just might like it.


Track List

01. Lykanthea x Savage Sister “Naked” from Sundrowned
Solo experimental musician Lakshmi Ramgopal (AKA Lykanthea) joined forces with fellow Chicagoans Savage Sister to bring us this EP. Don’t forget to say, “thank you.”
Lykanthea: Bandcamp | Facebook | Tumblr | website
Savage Sister: Bandcamp | Facebook | SoundCloud | Tumblr | YouTube

02. Revival Hymns “Iron & Disgrace” from Pauhu
Finns (no, not Tim and Neil, the kind from Finland) Riku-Ville, Sauli, Henri, Markus, and Ville hang out in Tampere making music together.
Bandcamp | Facebook | SoundCloud | website

03. Alcest “La Nuit Marche Avec Moi” from Shelter
Parisian Dream Pop duo according to their Facebook page, but I remember when they would have warranted a darker and heavier description than that.
Facebook | website

04. Dinosaur Dinosaur “Spear and Magic Helmet” from The Gulf
Three humans named Helen, James, and Zain, plus a drum machine called Roland make up this Toronto four-piece.
Bandcamp | Facebook

05. Threading “Lust” from Azure
From an unknown location in Michigan, this artist/band has released a one-song single in 2013 and this EP in 2014.

06. Secrets of the Third Planet “Dionaea” from Hidden Space
Originating in Moscow, Russia as a solo project in 2004, over time, this band has come to include Eugene, Anton, Vasiliy, Dasha, and Fedor.
Bandcamp | Facebook | SoundCloud

07. Ancient Babes “Surface Terms” from Futuristic Demon
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia. Amusing cover art.

08. Polythene “Exile” from A Certain Fountain
Everyone in Olympia, Washington knows that Polythene is Annika Holland.

09. Tamed Animals “Condensing Seas”
Solo artist Dan Barnett from Denver, Colorado must love putting out singles on Bandcamp; he’s done so many of them.
Bandcamp | Facebook

10. Leave The Planet “Between Bodies”
“Leave The Planet for better love” seems to be the motto of London duo Nathalia Bruno and Jack Milwaukee.
Bandcamp | Facebook

11. Wavr “Born Again” from Disconnect
A Shoegaze band from Austin, Texas… what a surprise.


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Over sixty, unemployed, and single, I am, apparently, of no use to anyone.
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