Aside Beside Seaside Decide (part 2)

This is not a collection of B-Sides in the usual sense of songs not quite as good as those on the ‘A’ side. After picking out almost all of the straight-up Shoegaze songs for aside, I was left with a more eclectic collection of songs, some of which barely fall within the boundaries of even the most generous definition of Shoegaze. I liked them, however, so I used them.


Track List

01. “Misery” by Sunthing from Winds From The East
Erik, Alvaro, and Taylor are members of this Dayton, Ohio band. Erik and Alvaro have played together in three other bands: Dogmouth, Curious Terrain, and X Files; Taylor also played in the latter two bands.
Bandcamp | Facebook

02. “Cool Runnings” by Tashaki Miyaki from Cool Runnings
I’m happy to welcome back this Los Angeles band, which was kind enough to let me use a song from their debut Tashak It to Me single back in 2011.
Bandcamp | Facebook | SoundCloud | Vimeo

03. “Sólido​-​Líquido” by Sundae
Davis, Cris, María, Cristian, and Iván are the five members who make up this band from Sevilla, Spain.
Bandcamp | Facebook | SoundCloud | YouTube

04. “The Expedition” by Hana Vave from 1992
I didn’t learn any more about this Canadian band from Calgary, Alberta by searching for their Facebook page, but I did learn that Hana Vave is the northernmost bay on the west side of Fatu Hiva, and it is sometimes referred to as ‘Bay of Virgins’ (a nice place to visit, I suppose, but I’m not qualified to live there).

05. “Dream Awake” by Prisms
Nathan, Sam, Evan, and John are occasionally joined by Liz in their quest to bring Shoegaze back to my nation’s capitol. They say they love it there, but, apart from The Smithsonian Institution and National Gallery of Art, I can’t think of any reasons why they should. How did Obi Wan put it? “A more wretched hive…”
Bandcamp | Facebook

06. “Too Far” by Mistake Pageant
Karlyn and James are the boy/girl noisemakers from Glasgow, Scotland. Karlyn sings and plays guitar, James takes care of percussion.
Bandcamp | Facebook

07. “Prescription Veil” by DIGO from Sleep All Day
While affordable flights to Spain and other sunny climes have dimmed the luster of the once fashionable holiday destination that is Brighton, England, Jake, Jack, Alex, Ben, and Ed are hoping to restore some of its appeal with their “darkly tinged psychedelic Post Punk Rock”.
Bandcamp | Facebook

08. “Rooms Made of Dust” by Coctail Twins
I downloaded this single by the amusingly named German trio in February, which was the same month the band played its first live show. Since then, Box, Marc, and Mike have released the Our Fears EP and are hard at work putting their first album together.
Bandcamp | Facebook | website

09. “The Corner” by Grass on the Sun
This appears to the work of one Italian gentleman by the name of Alessandro Hicks.

10. “Pull the Curtain” by Let’s Be Loveless
A Brooklyn, New York band whose members: Eric, Chris, Gary, and Abby enjoy showcasing their obsessive appreciation of Shoegaze, Garage Rock, Britpop, and traditional Pop song structures in their own music.
Bandcamp | Facebook | SoundCloud | YouTube

11. “Juvenilia” by Electric Lo-Fi Seresta from Don’t Tell Him
The solo project of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil resident Guilherme Almeida, who is also the singer, songwriter, and guitarist of The John Candy. Among other things, Guilherme is inspired by dreams, déjà-vu, catchy melodies running through his head, and Jaguar guitars.
Bandcamp | Facebook | Tumblr | website


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Over sixty, unemployed, and single, I am, apparently, of no use to anyone.
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