Aside Beside Seaside Decide (part 1)

As if the Hi to Lo trilogy didn’t cause enough suffering, I now bring you a series of four compilations, of which this is only the first.

This series was originally meant to be a trilogy as well, and was going to be titled A-sides Besides Seasides, which is why the first three covers all feature some type of music delivery device at the beach. I later realized, however, that ‘decide’ would also fit in that string with only a few tweaks required.

Anyway, since singles have, at most, two sides, aside and beside will feature only songs taken from singles.


Track List

01. “Chase the Green Light” by Short Bus
Kyle Tozer would seem to be the ‘man’ in this Canadian one man band, and making music in the basement of his parent’s London, Ontario home seems to be all that he gets up to.

02. “Side” by Glaswen
Muskovites Micheal Omelchuk and Dasha Buylova make up this Russian duo.
Bandcamp | Facebook

03. “Silver Sand” by Curelight Wounds
Hiding out in Brooklyn, New York as part of the Witness Protection Program (I’m guessing), this band would apparently prefer to maintain a low profile.
Bandcamp | Facebook

04. “East Coast” by Life Model
Formed in 2012, this Noise Pop band from Glasgow has five members: Sophie Evans, Chris Smith, Stuart Warnock, Joanne McCafferty, and Michael McDonald.

05. “Depression Ridin’ Cowboys” by Klam
This four piece Post Punk/Shoegaze band is from Italy, according to the blurb posted on their Bandcamp page; their Facebook page doesn’t add much more to that.
Bandcamp | Facebook

06. “Sonnen” by Asalto al Parque Zoológico
As one might expect, given that APZOO are from Buenos Aires, Argentina, the content on both the pages linked below is in Spanish. I have been able to decipher enough to report with some confidence that the band was formed in 2008 and consists of five members: Fernando G (Guitar, Vocals), Luxx (Sampler), Marina (Vocals, Guitar), Gabo Maumus (Bass), and Julián Mazzeo (Drums).
Bandcamp | Facebook

07. “Bones” by Idyll Wild
Three Martz siblings (Guitarist/Vocalist Grant, Guitarist Blake, and Synths/Vocalist Jade), a Cooper (Drummer Ryan), and an Anderson (Bassist Eric) make up this band from San Diego, California. Combining desert-haunted guitars, synth, and vocals with tribal rhythyms, the band produces a type of Shoegaze they’ve dubbed Ghostrock.
Bandcamp | Facebook | Tumblr

08. “Rows” by Reveries
The five Swedes from Linköping: Gabriel Petterson (Guitar), Alice Axinder (Vocals), Noa Åkesson (Guitar, Vocals), Konrad Annerud (Drums), and Martin Gabrielson (Bass), say that Alice’s clear voice and the minimalistic guitars, bass, and drums combine to create a dark and bubbly, refreshing, yet dirty sound. One inspired by Post-Punk, Shoegaze, and several other Pop styles.
Bandcamp | Facebook

09. “Gypsy” by Bedroom Eyes
In the final three songs of this compilation, the East Coast is well represented by a trio of mysterious, ‘are they trying to remain unheard of’ bands. This one is from Boston, Massachusetts.

10. “Seventeen” by Wildhoney
Baltimore, Maryland is this band’s base of operations, but much more than that, I have yet to discover. The band seems content to keep mum and let the music do the talking. There are a few reviews posted on their Tumblr site that are worth a read.
Bandcamp | Tumblr

11. “Tears” by Eastern Hollows
This five-piece, Brooklyn based band features Travis DeVries (Vocals, Guitar), Martin Glazier (Vocals, Guitar), Sean Gibbons (Guitar), Brian Brennan (Bass), and Jeremy Sampson (Drums). Travis was a member of The Turn-ons, a Seattle band I once saw play in Portland with Charmparticles in 2006.
Bandcamp | Facebook


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