Blasts from the Past

As you may know, the original compilations posted on this blog were offered as downloads, but those offers came with expiration dates, all of which have long since passed. Now, however, thanks to Mixcloud, I can resurrect them as cloudcasts, and will be doing so during the next few weeks.

I will be embedding the new cloudcasts into the original posts, but, to make them easier for the reader to find, I have created a page of links (called ‘Vibrato’). The link to this page can be found just under the banner, next to those of the ‘Home’, ‘About’, and ‘Artists’ pages.

The original, ten-song Vibrato 2010 has just been added; the others will follow shortly.

Vibrato 11.01 (added 24 Feb 2014)
Vibrato 11.02 (added 12 Apr 2014)
Vibrato 11.03 (added 13 Apr 2014)


About NWshoegazer

Over sixty, unemployed, and single, I am, apparently, of no use to anyone.
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