Hi To Lo (part 3)

Here, at last, is the third and final compilation in the Hi to Lo series.

Vibrato 14.03 Lo

Track List:

01 “Untitled” by Empire Years from Come Alive
A trio of German lads from Dortmund.
Bandcamp | Facebook

02 “Acción Evasiva” by La Maniobra de Q from Como El Rosario de La Aurora
This band calls Murcia home (whether it’s the one in Spain or Mexico, I cannot tell). [I have since been informed that the band is from Spain.]
Bandcamp | Facebook

03 “Last Parallel” by Hiraeth
There is no info available for this Mile High mystery artist. The link to the website found on the Bandcamp page fails to open.

04 “Ghost Shadow” by Test Prints from Ghost Shadow
Warsaw, Poland is the home of this trio. That’s all I know.

05 “I Killed A Frog” by Bleak Boys from Corrosive EP
This band hails from Aguascalientes, Mexico. The vocals on this song remind me of something I haven’t heard in some time. I keep thinking, “Guided by Voices“, but the song name never comes to me.

06 “Emmi” by Mini Dresses from Emmi
This single seems to have been released by a duo based in Austin, Texas.

07 “Collider” by Roku Music
The first single from an eagerly anticipated new album by this Brisbane, Australia quartet is a lovely bit of fuzz wrapped around female vocals. It’s just the kind of thing I like.
Bandcamp | Facebook | website

08 “Silver” by Galants from Howling
This dynamite single is getting positive responses from all over the Internet. I’d have to call this fine band from Dublin’s debut a double ‘A’ side, because, as good as “Howling” is, I like “Silver” so much more. After Fragments of God‘s “Hope Poison”, it is my favorite song of the year so far.
Bandcamp | Facebook

09 “Hello” by GreenPurr
Victor and Victoria Grin are either siblings whose parents had little imagination when it came to naming their children, or a married couple living in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Then again, they could be Victor Gulyaev and Vitya Grinyov, who might be the same person, as both claim to be the talent behind the VickyVikka releases (worth checking out, especially if you like ambient gaze). It’s very confusing, and it doesn’t help that I don’t read Russian.
Bandcamp | VikkyVikka

10 “Melt” by Hot Glass from Melted
Somewhere on the southern coast of England (Brighton, actually) Ryan Balch is probably at work, playing all the instruments and doing all the vocals, for the next Hot Glass release.
Bandcamp | Facebook

11 “Send Me (demo)” by TuT
Promising band from Taiwan, who probably have plans to release something in the near future, but their Facebook page is in Chinese, so I can’t be sure.
Bandcamp | Facebook


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2 Responses to Hi To Lo (part 3)

  1. Tortilla de patatas says:

    Hi, La Maniobra de Q are Spanish. 🙂

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