Hi To Lo (part 2)

Vibrato 14.02 ToThis is the second compilation in the Hi to Lo series, featuring songs found on some of this year’s new releases.

Once again, I found most of these songs via Bandcamp. I’m thinking of changing the blog’s tagline to “I troll through Bandcamp so that you won’t have to”.

The Voices is the only band included here with which I was already familiar, although I had read some advance press in regard to September Girls and the band’s debut album, Cursing the Sea.

So far, my favorite release of this very young new year has got to be the self-titled EP from Fragments of God. I will not be surprised to find it in my top 20 at the end of the year.

Vibrato 14.02 To

Well, looky here. I can now embed cloudcasts.

Track List:
01 “The Rattle” by aheadphonehome from Dream Reverb
The Aussies lead the way with the first two songs of this compilation. This first is by a Brisbane quartet.
Bandcamp | Tumblr

02 “To Safety Or Ruin” by HYLA from HYLA
Perth, way out in Western Australia, is the home of this foursome. I’m guessing that HYLA is an acronym and stands for Hide Your Love Away.
Bandcamp | Facebook

03 “Hope Poison” by Fragments of God from Fragments of God
This appears to be a side project of several people located in and around Nashville, Tennessee and associated with Meltface Records in one way or another.
Bandcamp | Meltface

04 “Green Eyed” by September Girls from Cursing the Sea
Five women make up this band from Dublin, Ireland.
Facebook | SoundCloud | Tumblr | store

05 “Bajo La Luna” by Carnival Animals from Stellar Parallax
There seems to be a fair amount of Shoegaze coming out of Mexico these days, but I could not find any more information about this band.

06 “Breezy” by Ace Martens from Silent Days
I don’t know much about this band from Vancouver, British Columbia.

07 “Dreaming With Hope” by Teenage Daydreams from False Hope Syndrome
This trio from New York has a very distinct sound of its own.
Bandcamp | Facebook | SoundCloud | website

08 “You Look Different” by Conheartist from Surrounded By Drones
This EP was aptly named by this duo from Los Angeles. Physical copies will be available from Sun Terrace Records on Valentines Day.
Bandcamp | Facebook | store

09 “Like I Care” by Fantasy Prom
This foursome from Vancouver, British Columbia released this song as a single with no B-side and have a new EP coming out in mid-February.
Bandcamp | Facebook | website

10 “Overwrought” by Yourself in Peace from Laudanum
Los Angeles is home to this pair of musicians as well.
Bandcamp | Facebook | Tumblr

11 “Turns It into Gold” by The Voices from 3,7 Soul
I thought it a real loss to Shoegaze when this trio from Port Talbot, Wales disbanded in 2009. This album of “outtakes, demos, and live recordings” is something of a belated going away present to the fans.

12 “Spirit Bodies” by The Grease Arrestor from What Was, Is.
This five piece band from Sydney, Australia reminds me at times of The Brian Jonestown Massacre of old, but without quite so many guitars.
Bandcamp | Facebook | SoundCloud

13 “Another Town” by The Noise Tigers from Waking Up
Waking up is a six-song EP that this duo from Vienna, Austria is releasing piecemeal. So far, only half the songs have been released. This one sounds like it could have been lifted from Aberdeen‘s Homesick and Happy to Be Here.
Bandcamp | Facebook


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