Hi To Lo (part 1)

Vibrato 14.01 HiI had intended to go Lo to Hi, but it turned out easier to organize this one first, so it’s gonna be Hi to Lo.

The songs on this and the compilations to follow all come from 2014 releases, most of which I found on Bandcamp.

The ‘Hi’ and ‘Lo’ refer to Hi-Fi and Lo-Fi, with the songs selected for this compilation seeming to benefit from better production than most of those which will be used on the remaining compilations in this series.

There is also a higher recognition factor for some of the artists featured here. Most of the names most of those familiar with Shoegaze will already know, like Cheatahs, Dum Dum Girls, and Exit Calm, for example, are found on this compilation.

Vibrato 14.01 Hi

Added 30 Jan 2014, after embedding cloudcasts became possible again.

Track List for hi:
01 “IV” [edit] by Cheatahs from Cheatahs
This London, England band is due to release its self-titled debut album on the 10th of February (the 11th in North America).
Facebook | website

02 “Fading Into Night” by Youngteam from Fading Into Night
Northern Star Records is expecting to release this Swedish foursome’s new album in March.
Facebook | Northern Star Records

03 “Little Minx” by Dum Dum Girls from Too True
I would not have guessed that this band is from New York. There’s just something sorta California about their sound.
Facebook | website | Sub Pop

04 “It’s All Around” by The Telewire from Like Everything
Austin, Texas is home to Stephen Thurman, who is The Telewire, as well as an NWshoegazing alumnus. Welcome back, Stephen.
Bandcamp | Facebook

05 “Promise” by Exit Calm from Promise
This South Yorkshire foursome are famous for teasing us with a few excellent singles before finally putting out its self-titled first album in 2010. Promise is a single from the band’s second album, The Future Isn’t What It Used To Be, released last year.
Facebook | website | Club AC30

06 “Dream Disintegrate” by VibraGun from Vibragun
This five member strong band dwells just up the road in Seattle, Washington.
Bandcamp | Facebook | website

07 “Evenfall” by Lunaire from Dreams And Inbetweens
Melbourne, Australia is home to this foursome.
Bandcamp | Facebook

08 “Summertime” by Gudjohr from Looks Kinda Lunar
Gudjohr is the solo project of UK guitarist and bassist Kips Golden.
Bandcamp | Facebook

09 “Волга” by Polska Radio One from Волга
This four-piece band hails from Yekaterinburg, Russia.
Bandcamp | Facebook

10 “Vanadium” by Illl & Irma from Triangle EP
I don’t know much about this Slovakian duo, but I was predisposed to liking this song, because Vanadium is one of three elements whose symbol and atomic number I know: ‘V’ and ’23’ respectively. Hydrogen and Helium are the others.

Anyway, Illl is the head of Soun Records and also a member of the band Gwerkova, as is Irma, who is also a member of Sick.


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