Fuzz & Fuzz Lite

Vibrato 13.01 FuzzThe year before last, I abandoned my plans to assemble a year-end review compilation during the last week of 2012, when I discovered that I had nearly eighty releases to consider. This time, I began work on the 2013 compilation in early December, only to find that the year had enriched my music collection by more than 130 titles. I was dismayed, but I did not abandon the project altogether; I chose instead to make it more manageable by narrowing the scope.

Following the example of a friend of mine, I decided to pull songs only from the singles and EPs I had acquired during the year. This strategy not only reduced the number of releases to forty-six, it also meant that there would be fewer songs per release to consider.

Vibrato 13.02 Fuzz LiteWhat I ended up with was enough songs to fill two, eleven track compilations, which I titled fuzz and fuzz lite before posting them to Mixcloud for any- and everyone’s listening pleasure.

I have decided to use Mixcloud because it frees me from having to contact each artist to get permission to use a song; Mixcloud pays the artists in a manner similar to the way it’s done in radio. The switch was also meant to make my life easier by allowing me to post players for each compilation (complete with track list) into my blog, but, alas, Mixcloud moved from a flash based to an HTML based widget, which, naturally, WordPress doesn’t support. Until this changes, I can only post links to the compilations and hope that the reader will be sufficiently inspired to click on them.

So, without further ado…

Vibrato 13.01 fuzz

Vibrato 13.02 fuzz lite

Added 30 Jan 2014, after embedding cloudcasts became possible again. Yipee!

Track List for fuzz
01. “She’s Bleeding From Everywhere” by Ask For Joy from Pins And Needles
This five-song EP is one of my favorite releases of 2013, but having paid $9 for the CD, I was disappointed to discover that it had been mastered from lossy files (MP3s, perhaps).

02. “Faulted” by Miniatures from DIS
These Kiwi expats (now living in Australia) have been featured on this blog before, and I’m happy to say that this is another good effort by them.

03. “Dull” by Contrast
More Aussies, but real ones this time.

04. “Vanishing Winter” by Dear Eloise from The Winter That Disappeared
A nice single from a Chinese band I’d not heard of previously.

05. “Ash & Gray” by Venera 4 from Deaf Hearts EP
This French band reminds me of Manhattan Love Suicides. Good, noisy stuff.

06. “Solstrejf” by Tusindfald from Kys EP
I knew my Danish would come in handy some day; “kys” means kiss. I very much hope that there is more to come from this band in 2014.

07. “Alone” by Star Horse from Lust
Lust was the first EP released by this fine Swedish band in 2013.

08. “Dawn Bomb Parties” by Brief Candles from Newhouse
This Wisconsin band has been around and producing some tasty Shoegaze music for several years now.

09. ”Kiss A Girl In Black” by Fleeting Joys
Hopefully, this digital single is an indication that this California band are preparing to release another album sometime in the near future.

10. “Winters” by Lost In The Fog from Angst
The band hails from Japan, but that’s the extent of my knowledge concerning them.

11. “Blood Pool” by Technicolor Teeth from Blood Pool
From the way they spell “technicolor”, I guessed they were from the States, and I was right; they’re another band from Wisconsin.

Track List for fuzz lite
01. “Fallen Stars” by SPC ECO from Fallen Stars (Single And Remixes)
Another favorite band I’ve featured on this blog in the past.

02. “Hope to Feel a Hand” by Star Horse from Devour
Devour was the second EP released in 2013 by this band from Stockholm.

03. “Seraph” by Helicon from Mind Explosion EP
This was the second of two songs this Scottish band contributed to an EP they split with Celestial Bums.

04. “Where We Are” by Dissolve from Dissolve
A nice song from a San Francisco band that’s definitely ahead of its time (the EP is to be released in March of 2014).

05. “Anything Anymore” by Presents For Sally from Anything Anymore
Lovely sounds from the United Kingdom.

06. “Star Matter” by Let’s Be Loveless from Let’s Be Loveless
This Brooklyn, New York based band are a bit more poppy than the name might lead one to believe.

07. “Sugar Routine” by Honeyslide from Drippin’
More lovely sounds from the United Kingdom.

08. “Eleven” by Bialogard from Studies On Distance
A very nice EP from this Italian band.

09. “Weekend” by Westkust from Summer 3D
A nice single to go with this Swedish band’s Junk EP from 2012.

10. ”Wash Away” by Dråpe from Blue Skies
I entered it in properly, but Mixcloud has changed the name of this Norwegian band to Drape.

11. “Second Spine” by No Joy from Pastel And Pass Out
I’m sure this band needs no introduction.


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