A Good Home

I had to put music on a back burner for five or six weeks while I looked for a new place to live and then move there, but I am now pretty much settled in to my new digs, so back to work I go.

Someone else looking for a good home is Modern Charms—one of the bands featured on Vibrato 12.01. Band member Mark Palm was nice enough to send me an MP3 copy of the self-titled six-song EP Modern Charms would like to release as soon as they find a label to help them do so.

The first two songs on this EP—which can be previewed here—are easily the strongest, but I did find one other song good enough to go on my iPod, “Epsilon”. Even though half of the songs were headed to my iPod, I was still leaning toward a three-and-a-half star rating before trying an experiment with the song order that I think makes a world of difference. The third song, “Falling Sun” is the slowest/quietest song on the EP and it seemed to kill the momentum created by the first two. When I moved it to fifth, however, it fit perfectly, continuing the gradual slowing of “Ancient Cities” and preceding the obvious closer, “Silver Lanterns”.

Modern Charms by Modern Charms (©2012 Modern Charms)

01. When We Get There (3:11)
02. Someday (5:36)
03. Falling Sun (5:49)
04. Epsilon (5:08)
05. Ancient Cities (4:09)
06. Silver Lanterns (6:21)


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Over sixty, unemployed, and single, I am, apparently, of no use to anyone.
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3 Responses to A Good Home

  1. anonymous says:

    deserves to be put out. have them contact Katorga Works or something. people know about this and want it.

  2. The Abyss says:

    So many bands now and so many fans gone digital. its hard to find a label. We can sympathize.

  3. rev rev rev says:

    Hi, we’re a shoegaze band from Italy, we would like to have an evaluation of our music from you. our EP is in free download here (revrevrev.bandcamp.com); if you like better mp3s just tell us!
    Sorry but I didn’t find any other way to contact you…

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