March Gladness

Forget that maddening basketball tournament; here are ten very good reasons to smile while we wait for Spring to arrive.

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Vibrato 11.04
01. “Arristea” by Mint Julep from Songs About Snow (©2008 Unseen)
Fellow Portlanders, Keith and Hollie Kenniff are Mint Julep. The husband and wife duo released Songs About Snow in 2008 and, early last month, Adorn – a three-song EP; their second album, Save Your Season is due later this year. Keith also composes music under the monikers Helios and Goldmund. Different versions of the song “Arristea” are found on Songs About Snow (available from Unseen) and Adorn (which is for sale on Bandcamp).
bandcamp | myspace | unseen

02. “Lady Luck” by unreleased (©2011 was formed by Kim and Perry, two members of Skylight, in 2008. Discovering that they worked well together and wanting to play live shows – a difficult proposition with the rest of Skylight located in Boston, Kim and Perry started off on a journey called that has only just begun. Somewhere along the way, they picked up Eric, who seems to fit in pretty well. The three of them have recently embarked on producing an Internet radio program called The Machine.
Kim and Perry are also involved in The Project Morpheme with Dean Garcia (Curve and SPC ECO).
bandcamp | myspace | facebook | soundcloud | reverbnation

03. “Breathless” by Young Prisms from Friends For Now (©2011 Kanine Records)
Somewhere in the vicinity of Golden Gate Bridge lives a band comprised of Matt Allen, Stef Hodapp, Giovanni Betteo, and Jordan Silbert. They call themselves Young Prisms, and their debut full-length is a CD you ought to have in your collection.
myspace | facebook | kanine | tumblr

04. “Somethin’ Is Better Than Nothin'” by Tashaki Miyaki from Tashak It To Me (©2011 Tashaki Miyaki)
Preferring to “keep it about the music”, Tashaki Miyaki remains a mystery to me, but Tashak It To Me is a two-song single available as a free download from the band’s bandcamp page.

05. “Sacrificial Anode” by folie adieu from folie adieu (©2011 folie adieu)
Two people experimenting in sonic ambience. Cascading guitars ripple across the dreamsphere while hypnotic drumbeats hover and pulsate above the soundscape. California expats transplanted to and reunited in the Midwest. Musical chemistry solidified, agenda established, guitars and drums, treated noise and treated light… aural experiments commenced in a basement. folie adieu is a two-person band currently based in Wichita, Kansas, who subscribe to a ‘minimal is maximal’ ethos. Established in late 2009, they released their self-titled EP in January 2011. The multi-layered guitars, ‘out there’ drums, and non-autotuned vocals provide a soundtrack for both mood and motion. folie adieu is Andrea Drongoski on guitars and vocals, and Brian Winters on drums. “Sacrificial Anode” is the lead track from their debut EP.
myspace | facebook | reverbnation | website

06. “Oceans (And Blue Skies)” by Sonnet LVIII from Owe No Homage Unto The Sun (©2011 Sonnet LVIII)
Inspired by Ride, Chapterhouse, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Adorable and My Bloody Valentine, childhood friends Dale, Ron and Elmer formed Sonnet LVIII in 1992. Ron’s brother Romel and his friend, Gonzalo, joined a couple months later. Fast forward to early 2011, when the band decided to combine all of its recordings into one online release called Owe No Homage Unto The Sun, which is available for download at their Bandcamp page for $1 – now, that’s a bargain.
bandcamp | facebook

07. “Black & White” by Slowness from Hopeless but Otherwise (©2010 Slowness)
Slowness is a caught-in-the-fog Drone-Pop trio with songs about love and war spinning in a whirlpool of hypnotic rhythms and driving bass lines, layered guitars and rich harmonies. The band released its debut EP, Hopeless but Otherwise, in 2010. After touring the US, the group is back in the studio with producer Monte Vallier, and is scheduled to tour Europe in June 2011.
myspace | facebook | website

08. “I Saw The Ghost That Follows You” by Bloody Knives from Burn It All Down (©2010 KillRedRocket Records)
Bloody Knives are an Industrial Shoegaze trio from Austin, Texas. Members Preston Maddox (bass, voice, keyboards, samples, and programming) Jake McCown (Drums, noise, programming, and art) and Jim Moon (sound manipulator) combine the sounds of heavy Punk and Metal with blurry ambient electronics. Burn It All Down is the brilliant followup to their self-titled, debut EP. A new album is due to be released this summer.
bandcamp | myspace | facebook | KillRedRocket

09. “Sun Is Alive” by Tribes of the City from Recipe of the Golden Dream (©2009 Tribes of the City )
Hailing from Riga, Latvia, Tribes of the City blaze a trail between magic and technology, the sacred and profane, society and solitude. Six musicians, coming from different backgrounds and holding different world views, blend their talents together and manage to create a sensational sound which can transport the listener to distant and imaginary worlds. One can detect the rumbling of the sea, the noise of the city, the murmur of the forest, and the crackle of electricity in their music. People call them modern Shoegazers and speak of the special energy of their live performances, but Tribes of the City just play music, and they love what they do.

10. “Drones” by The Rosen Association from The Rosen Association (©2010 The Rosen Association)
The Rosen Association is four individuals who came together in the Fall of 2009 after the Muses decreed that there be a new genre of music: Shoegaze Dark Pop. Taking their name from the android-producing company in the Philip K. Dick novel, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, TRA combine elements of Electronic and Rock Music, creating a unique Post-Rock sound with surprising Pop sensibilities. After exposure to the auditory braid of warmth, ice, twilight, stardust, space, drones, and dark matter woven by the four Rosens: Spencer, Jason, Matt, and Rachel, witnesses often say, “It’s Shoegaze you can dance to.”
facebook | CD Baby | website

All copyrighted materials used with the permission of the copyright holders.

The Cover Art for Vibrato 11.04 is a detail from the print I’m Only Human by Adam Watkins (of Tone Rodent).

Check out more of his fabulous artwork here.


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