The Evil Twin

This compilation was originally intended to be part of a joint release with From Cover to Cover Volume One, but things didn’t quite work out the way I had hoped. Among other problems, one, would-be, contributor, became very ill and was unable to finish his song – get well soon, buddy. Fortunately, Golden Gardens popped up to provide the eighth song I was looking for, so this compilation is only going to be a couple of days late.

Link expired 12am PST, Monday, 7 March 2011

Vibrato 11.03
01. “Juggernaut” by Thrushes from Night Falls (©2010 Thrushes)
Thrushes are: Anna Conner (vox & guitar), Casey Harvey (guitars, fx, noise, & vox), Rachel Tracy (bass guitar), and Scott Tiemman (drums). They recommend themselves if you like: The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Raveonettes, My Bloody Valentine, Pixies, Asobi Seksu, Serena Maneesh, and Sonic Youth. I would add Rainer Maria to that list.
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02. “Chemical Trials (Feat. Sterling Roswell)” by Tone Rodent unreleased (©2010 Tone Rodent)
This song was recorded in St. Louis at Shine Studios with engineer Patrick Hunt. Additional recording, effects, oscillations, mixing, and production performed in London at Roswell Hill by Sterling Roswell (aka Rosco from Spacemen 3, The Darkside, and Psychedelic SRB).
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03. “Last Warning” by DulceSky from Invisible Empire (©2010 DulceSky)
DulceSky are: Oliver Valenzuela (Vocals & Guitar), Daniel Valenzuela (Bass), Mitchell Razon (Drums, Keys, & Programming), and Brett Kocherhans (Guitar, Keys, & Backing Vocals). Like the bands who performed the first two songs on this compilation, DulceSky are also featured on From Cover to Cover Volume One.
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04. “Sometimes [Demo]” by Candyaudioline from Away We Go (2011 Demos) (©2011 Candyaudioline)
Candyaudioline is a five-piece unit from The Philippines that plays a mix of Shoegaze-inspired Indie Rock and Dream Pop. Presently, the band is composed of Celene Liwanag (Vocals), Allan Montero (Vocals & Rhythm Guitar), Dennis Gasangue-Dizon (Lead Guitar), Arjay Galarretta (Bass Guitar), and Jeff Azarcon (Drums). I think these demos indicate a lot of potential, and I hope to hear more from this band in the future.
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05. “I Want You” by Ceremony unreleased (©2011 Ceremony)
Brand-new track from Shoegaze/Noise Pop group Ceremony, which is made up of John Fedowitz and Paul Baker (formerly of Skywave) and new drummer Ben Wood. A new EP is scheduled for release in early Spring to coincide with Ceremony‘s first European tour in April 2011.
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06. “Honeybee” by Pinkshinyultrablast from Happy Songs for Happy Zombies (©2009 Pinkshinyultrablast)
Along with Highspire‘s Aquatic, Happy Songs for Happy Zombies was one of my favorite finds of early 2010 and would have made my top three list for the year, except that it was released in 2009. I know the band is from St. Petersburg, Russia and make an excellent noise, but that’s about it. I do hope, however, that they are on the verge of releasing something new.

07. “Pet” by Fydhws from Impresii (©2009 Fydhws)
I am used to seeing a ‘w’ used as a vowel in Welsh, but Fydhws is from Macedonia, and I have no idea how his name is pronounced. Fydhws contacted me through and sent me a link to download five songs from Impresii (trans. Impressions). There are no vocals, which you may recall is generally not my cup of tea, but knowing that there are others whose opinions on this subject differ from mine, I asked if I could put the song I liked best – the fifth of the five – on a compilation. Fydhws consented and promptly named the song “Pet”, which is Macedonian for five.
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08. “Elizabeta” by Golden Gardens from Somnambulist EP (©2010 Golden Gardens)
Golden Gardens is an Ambient/Shoegaze/Dreampop duo from Seattle comprised of Gregg Alexander Joseph Neville and Aubrey Rachel Violet Bramble. Gregg is an Englishman by birth, so I can understand his having four names, but what’s Aubrey’s story? I will get to the bottom of this mystery. Somnambulist EP is the band’s first release and can be purchased from their Bandcamp page; a second EP is in the works.
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All copyrighted materials used with the permission of the copyright holders.

The cover art for Vibrato 11.03

I’ve asked nicely, and received no response. I’ve tried pleading, cajoling, and even threats, but all my cries for help have fallen upon deaf ears, and I have been left to make my own covers.


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