Keeping It Covered

I hope you like cover songs; I sure do. I’ve assembled a dozen of ’em just for you, so what are you waiting for? Start downloading.

Link expired 12am PST, Monday, 7 March 2011

From Cover to Cover Volume One
01. “Just Out of Reach” [The Jesus and Mary Chain] – covered by A Place to Bury Strangers
A Place to Bury Strangers is one of two great bands to emerge from the disintegration of Skywave. This cover is from the band’s 2006 Breathe EP. Many thanks to Steven Matrick of Kepler Events – who manages A Place to Bury Strangers – for giving me permission to use the song as well as for finding an original sound file for me to use.
bandcamp | myspace | facebook | website

02. “Joy” [Slowdive] – covered by Alcian Blue
Alcian Blue was what Jake and, toward the end, Kim did before moving on to form Screen Vinyl Image. This cover is found at the end of the out of print Silvers Sleep Walk EP. All of the band’s EPs seem to be sold out, but their two full-lengths: 2001’s Slow Colorless Stare and 2006’s Alcian Blue can be purchased from Safranin Sound.
website | safranin sound

03. “For Love” [Lush] – covered by Hinterland
And Hinterland is what John and Michaela did before moving on to form The Hope Slide. This cover first appeared on Never Lose That Feeling Volume One, the first in a three compilation series produced and distributed by Club AC30. My thanks to John – and to Robin of Club AC30 – for letting me use this wonderful song.
bandcamp | myspace | Club AC30

04. “Unfamiliar” [Ride] – covered by DulceSky
DulceSky are based in Salt Lake City, a town with which I am familiar; it is the band I don’t know much about. I do know that they would like to play Portland in April, and wanting to play Portland is a quality I look for in a Shoegaze band. This cover comes from the 2008 Unfamiliar E.P., which acts as a kind of bridge between the band’s two full-length albums: 2006’s Lands and last year’s Invisible Empire.
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05. “Reverence” [The Jesus and Mary Chain] – covered by The December Sound
This cover is the last of four songs found on 2005’s Kill Me EP, which was the last of three EPs released prior to 2007’s excellent and widely acclaimed, self-titled, debut full-length. I am told that The December Sound are set to release a new album in 2011.
myspace | facebook | website

06. “Sometimes” [My Bloody Valentine] – covered by Gordrann
Gordrann (a concatenation of the artist’s first and last names) has covered the entire Loveless album and made it available to stream here. I liked it, and asked him if he would isolate my favorite MBV song and let me use it on this compilation – a request he was kind enough to grant. Thank you, Gordon.

07. “Something I Can’t Have” [The Jesus and Mary Chain] – covered by Gypsy Death and You
Darlings of more blogs than just mine, this Philadelphia duo are already hard at work on a second EP – when they aren’t too busy attending classes or doing their homework. This cover can be found on the band’s first release, the hard to find E.P. No. 1.
myspace | facebook

08. “When You Sleep” [My Bloody Valentine] – covered by American Gods
When I was putting my first compilation together, both Whirl and Anne recommended that I check out American Gods, so I did. At that time, this cover was available to stream on the band’s MySpace music player; it has since been replaced – mostly with song clips from the soon to be released Chariot the Ghost EP.
bandcamp | myspace | facebook | reverbnation

09. “These Blues” [Spacemen 3] – covered by Tone Rodent
Tone Rodent is a sonic, psychedelic, heavy Shoegaze/Space Rock band from St. Louis, Missouri comparable to the likes of Spacemen 3, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and My Bloody Valentine. The band sprang to life in the fall of 1999 and, in the years that followed, gradually moved from a soundtrack-type Ambient Drone to a Sonic Rock sound. This cover can be streamed from the band’s MySpace page.
myspace | facebook | website

10. “Fade Into You” [Mazzy Star] – covered by Thrushes
This cover is one of three songs found on last year’s Trees EP. Later that year, Thrushes, who hail from Baltimore, Maryland, released their second full-length Night Falls, which is the followup to 2007’s Sun Come Undone.
myspace | website

11. “Freak Scene (Bones)” [Dinosaur Jr.] – covered by Insect Guide
This cover is one of many from Insect Guide, and is found on the out of print Freak Scene single released in 2007. The single contains two versions of the title song: the first with “(Bones)”, and the second with “(Glide)” appended to the title. The Leeds, England band recently gave an interview to TDoA in which, among other things, they revealed a little of their philosophy in regard to cover songs.
bandcamp | eardrumspop | facebook | website | tumblr

12. “I Speak Your Every Word” [Curve] – covered by Ether Aura
This cover features Tony Hamera and Kate Hinote – formerly of Ether Aura, now of The Blueflowers, and was originally recorded as a b-side to accompany the release of Ether Aura‘s 2007 full-length, Before We Could Sing. It was then featured on the Semblance EP (of which only 100 copies were made and distributed – it is now out of print). Semblance was released only months before Ether Aura‘s dissolution and features music that would appear two years later on the debut album from Hamera and Hinote’s current project, The Blueflowers.
Ether Aura | The Blueflowers

All copyrighted materials used with the permission of the copyright holders.

I got the artwork from one of those on-line “royalty-free” image collections. The artist is uncredited, but the words are mine.


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6 Responses to Keeping It Covered

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  2. frissonic says:

    Holy crap. You’re familiar with DulceSky?! That’s awesome. I wish like hell that they’d get more exposure. They are phenomenal. I have “Lands,” “Media Luna,” and “Film EP.” All of them get heavy rotation. I do *not* have their new CD … yet. It’s on my “Things to buy in case I die so I can leave this awesomeness to my wife” list though.

    Nice compilation man. Thanks for sharing this!

    • NWshoegazer says:

      I own those three titles on CD as well – I got the Unfamiliar E.P. from the iTunes Store, so I also need to pick up their new CD. It’s on my list (with a lot of other stuff), but I’ll have to wait to see how much my trip to Utah affects my budget before I plan any further purchases. You, on the other hand, have no excuse; I’m sure your wife would have loved Invisible Empire as an xmas present. Oh well, there’s still her birthday or your wedding anniversary…

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  4. Brian L. says:

    Any chance you can repost the download link? I just heard a DJ spin the cover of the Mary Chain’s “Reverence” and I would love to have it for when I DJ next.

    • NWshoegazer says:

      Sorry, no, I can’t; the download file has not only been removed, it has also been deleted. The limited availability is an aspect of my agreement with the artists not to make their music available indefinitely. I’d recommend buying the EP; it’s very good.

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