The Vibrato 11.02 EP

The contributors are a mix of friends old and (I hope) new. I’ve known Jake (J. Sequential of Screen Vinyl Image) and Az (Stellarium) for years, but have only recently become acquainted with Dead Sea Colour and Lux. Cous, my unofficial (as in unpaid) talent-spotter, brought Dead Sea Colour to my attention several weeks ago, and Lux is one of those nuggets that turn up just often enough to keep me sifting through the mislabeled silt found in such abundance on the Bandcamp Shoegaze page.

I decided to release this EP because I have pretty much exhausted my contacts among the unsigned and those bands who release their own music, and I don’t have the clout to get a song from a label – only two have even bothered to answer my requests; one said “yes” and the other said “we’ll see”. So, rather than keep these four bands waiting until I can find six more artists/songs to make up a full-length, I decided to put them together on this short, but oh so sweet, compilation.

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Vibrato 11.02
01. “New Visions” by Screen Vinyl Image from Ice Station (©2010 Screen Vinyl Image)
Ice Station is a cassette only release which can be ordered from SVI‘s website. A link to a high-quality MP3 download of the album is included with the purchase. The more I play “New Visions”, the more I love it. It is always nice when I genuinely enjoy the music made by someone I know and like – Jake is one of the nicest and most helpful people I know (I’m sure Kim is a sweetheart as well).
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02. “Harbinger” by Stellarium from Stellarium (©2010 Stellarium)
As Singaporeans, Stellarium, represent the first Asian Shoegaze band to feature on one of my new compilations; hopefully, they won’t be the last. “Harbinger” slowly crept up on me as I repeatedly listened to the album in an effort to figure out which song to use on this compilation, and, like “New Visions”, it just keeps getting better with each play. The self-titled, debut full-length can be found on Stellarium‘s Bandcamp site, along with one of the two live albums of which I am aware.
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03. “Shard of Glass” by Dead Sea Colour unreleased (©2010 Dead Sea Colour)
Hailing from Leeds, England, Dead Sea Colour draw inspiration from the sounds of ’60s Psychedelia and late ’80s/early ’90s Shoegaze. Their hard edged, reverb soaked guitar tones and atmospheric vocal lines show the influence of bands such as The Velvet Underground, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and Joy Division among others. Unfortunately, I felt the need to bump “Shard of Glass” from the previous compilation in favor of a (much needed) song featuring a female vocalist. I’m hoping that, when DSC see how well their song fits in with these other great songs, they’ll forgive me. This song and several others worth hearing can be found on Soundcloud.

04. “I’ll Try To Ignore The Fact That You’re Drowning” by Lux from I’ll Try To Ignore The Fact That You’re Drowning (©2010 Lux)
Lux are Leah and David, who reside and make music in Seattle, and, except for an email address, that is all I know about Lux at the moment. They have, however, agreed to give me an interview via email, so I am hoping to know more about this intriguing band in the very near future. In the meantime, they have made two EPs and the self-titled single on which this song appears available on their Bandcamp page.
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All copyrighted materials used with the permission of the copyright holders.

The artwork is what you get when graphic artists callously ignore my pleas for help and leave me to fabricate covers on my own. If you want better artwork on future compilations, encourage any artists with whom you are acquainted to step forward. Generations yet unborn will thank you.

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