Some Velvet Coast Compilation – Free Download

My buddy Peter from the Coast Is Clear blog has a free (and legal) download available here. This is what he had to say about it:

The first Some Velvet Coast compilation is a collaboration between the German Indie-Pop blog, Coast Is Clear, and the Some Velvet Morning radioshow from Bremen.

My Coast Is Clear blog has been up and running for over five years now, and to celebrate this, we came up with the idea of releasing a free (and legal, of course) download-sampler. Both of us compiled one (virtual) CD with the songs we liked. On my “CD”, I wanted to present some of the bands and songs which were the most important to me over the years, so there are blog favorites like Cats on Fire, Secret Shine, and Punk TV. The music isn’t pure Shoegaze (although there are some Shoegaze bands from Asia, etc. on it), but it is a fair preview of what to expect at my blog.

Jan, from Some Velvet Morning, focuses more on new, American bands – with a nod to the more obscure sounds.

Peter’s blog is in German, and Google Translate does throw up some amusing, if not always helpful, translations, but it is easy enough to figure out what bands and songs are being featured and offered as downloads. I recommend frequent visits.


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