In the Clear

“Well, I’m back,” he said. If you worked in IT from the mid-’80s, I’d know you’d know where that quote comes from. I’ll give you one clue: it’s the last sentence in a very long story.

In any case, I’m back online with a new Internet Service Provider. Not only are Clear’s prices better than Comcast’s, my new modem is wireless; that means that I can now surf the ‘net with my laptop as well as my desktop computer. I’m loving that. In actuality, I’ve been back since Tuesday morning; Clear didn’t mail me the new modem, they FedEx’ed it. So, I was only away for one day, but I enjoyed pretending I was dead: that way people wouldn’t expect me to get any work done – especially the interviews.

I don’t know why I dread doing interviews. I enjoy them once I get the first round of answers back from the artists, but sending out a list of the same old questions, slightly reworded from previous interviews, makes me fear that the interview is going to be boring for the artist and, thus, for the reader. Fortunately, the artists have always come through for me.

Unable to put it off any longer, I went online to post some questions to The Sunshine Factory, but I found that Robert was online and decided to try Gmail’s chat option. It turned out that Ian was also hanging around, as was Sally, the bassist. Sometimes it took so long for their answers to show up, I envisioned the three of them reaching for the keyboard at the same time, slapping each other’s hands away, and trying to type. In the end, we did this for two and a half hours, got through two or three of my questions, and had some laughs.

We plan to continue the experiment tomorrow, and hopefully, this will lead to an interview with The Sunshine Factory being posted in the next day or two.


About NWshoegazer

Over sixty, unemployed, and single, I am, apparently, of no use to anyone.
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One Response to In the Clear

  1. chris says:

    Hey man. I just stumbled on your blog while trying to find the GDaY EP (which is disturbingly elusive …). Looks like you have a great thing going here! I got into the shoe-gaze thing when I bought my first Cranes CD back in early 1996. Haven’t left the scene since. It’s most excellent that your blog is entirely dedicated to the genre.

    Anyway, could ya help a brother out? I’ve put out contacts to GDaY’s Facebook page, so hopefully that’ll generate something.

    Take care man. Don’t throw me in the spam bin! šŸ™‚

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