With a Little Help from My Friends

My original Vibrato series was distributed via Kris Waaah’s, now defunct, Tremelo 100 site, so I didn’t have access to the visitor and download statistics. In the absence of data, I substituted the conjecture that one in ten visitors will leave a comment (I now know that that’s a very generous assessment), and from there I further speculated that my downloadable compilations were reaching between thirty and forty people. So, when I made Vibrato 2010 available for download, I thought that fifty downloads was a realistic expectation. I was way off.

On the first day of its availability, downloads of Vibrato 2010 – driven entirely by the notices I posted at shoegaze.co.uk and Last.fm – reached 17, a number that fit my calculations perfectly. I had reasoned that one-third of the total downloads would occur on the first day, another third over the second and third days, and the last third would trickle in during the remaining eleven days: 3 x 17 = 51. Having never before worked with the artists to make a compilation, I could not have anticipated the effect their involvement in promoting the download would have.

On the second day, three artists informed me that they were putting links to the download in their MySpace/Facebook pages, and the number of downloads that day reached 37. My target of fifty downloads had already been surpassed in only two days, but it was on the third day that things got really interesting. Insect Guide sent out a notice to everyone on their mailing list, and downloads for the day leapt to more than 70.

I think Parklife (Peter) must be on Insect Guide‘s mailing list. The next day, after he put a link up on his Coast Is Clear site, it accounted for more than half of the visitors on the fourth and fifth days – both of which exceeded 50 downloads – and about a third of all visitors on every day since. Das freut mich sehr.

So, I would have to say that Vibrato 2010 was a success in every way, thanks almost entirely to the efforts of others. I hope everyone who downloaded Vibrato 2010 enjoyed listening to it as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Come back in a a week or so to get Vibrato 11.01. Oh yeah, if you haven’t done so already, grab the cover art for Vibrato 2010 here; in the future, the covers will be included in the download packages.


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Over sixty, unemployed, and single, I am, apparently, of no use to anyone.
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