Two Weeks Notice

this is for you, Cous

The idea for this compilation came to me as I was considering what new music I would recommend to a friend of mine who had been going through a difficult time and had kind of lost interest in new music for awhile. As it turned out, she had begun doing her own research, and didn’t need me to tell her about Tamaryn, Highspire, and No Joy, among others. So, I abandoned the idea – for the time being.

At about that same time, I had begun to investigate the many bands who make their music available on Bandcamp. In quite a few cases, the quality of the music was surprisingly high, so I decided to make a compilation of songs taken mostly from artists whose music I found there. After that, I made a decision to return to the world of blogging and to share the compilation with the readers.

The original download link expired 12am PST, Wednesday, 19 January 2011.

The title of this post refers to the agreement between the various copyright holders and myself with regard to the length of time for which this download would remain available. You had until 2 January 2011 to grab it.

Vibrato 2010
01. “On Smoke” by The Great Wilderness from Tiny Monsters (©2010 The Great Wilderness)
The Great Wilderness is four women from Costa Rica making good music which they give away on Bandcamp. Tiny Monsters is the second EP released in 2010, following the June release of Afterimages of Glowing Visions.
bandcamp | myspace | website

02. “Down” by The Sunshine Factory from Sugar (©2010 The Sunshine Factory)
The Sunshine Factory is a three-piece band from Mobile, Alabama. Sugar is their second full-length release, following 2009’s Vintage Revolution.
bandcamp | myspace

03. “Meaningless” by Whirl from Distressor (©2010 Whirl)
Distressor, which was recorded live, is the first official release from Whirl, a five-piece band from Oakland, California. There are two, 7″ splits planned for release in the near future, including one with a mystery band from Washington.
bandcamp | myspace

04. “You Leave Me Hanging” by Ten Million Lights from Ten Million Lights (©2010 Ten Million Lights)
Ten Million Lights‘ self-titled album is the band’s first release since rising, phoenix-like, from the ashes of Saturna. This Portland, Oregon three-piece plays an interesting mix of Shoegaze and Psychedelia.
bandcamp | myspace | facebook | website | blog

05. “Nothing Ever Lasts” by C’est la Mort from Empty Words Fill Lonely Spaces (©2010 C’est la Mort)
On their bio page, Seattle’s C’est la Mort acknowledge some of their influences and try to describe their sound. Empty Words Fill Lonely Spaces is their debut album, released simultaneously with a remix CD, following a number of compilation appearances.
myspace | website

06. “All Your Time” by Anne from Mixtape One (©2010 Anne)
Anne is a four-piece band from Portland, Oregon. They have recently signed to Withdrawal Records, and will be releasing a 7″ EP in the near future. The Mixtape One EP is their first release since putting out the Demo2010 EP in June. The two EPs can be freely downloaded, and a limited number of copies of both are available on CD at the shows.
myspace | facebook | website

07. “Sound Of The Sun” by Gypsy Death and You from E.P. No. 1 (©2010 Gypsy Death and You)
Gypsy Death and You is a Philadelphian two-piece comprised of Emily Cahill and Alex Wilson, who met in a music course during their freshman year of college. Sharing similar influences, the duo composes and records their own brand of dreamy-yet-edgy indie rock. Except for a small number of CD copies distributed at shows, E.P. No. 1 is only available as a stream here.
myspace | facebook

08. “Soleil Noir” by American Gods from Chariot the Ghost (©2010 Aryeh East/Phillip Marfoglio)
Memphis, Tennessee is the home of American Gods, who have recently signed to Withdrawal Records and are hard at work preparing the EP, Chariot the Ghost, for release in 2011.
bandcamp | myspace | facebook | reverbnation

09. SPC ECO Silver Clouds
Produced Recorded and Mixed by Dean Garcia at the E Lab 2010
Written and performed by SPC ECO and Andy Bell
Taken from Silver Clouds EP Released 05 May 2010

Rose Berlin Vocals and Lyrics
Dean Garcia Bass Drums Guitar and all Programming
Joey Levenson Guitar

Special guest
Andy Bell Guitar

10. “10” by Insect Guide from Dark Days & Nights (©2010 Dead Penny Records)
Insect Guide are a three-piece band from Leeds, England. Dark Days & Nights is the followup full-length to 2007’s 6FT In Love. There are also three EPs available for purchase at Bandcamp, as well as the free Bats single and 5 O’Clock Recordings EP at Eardrumspop.
bandcamp | eardrumspop | facebook | website | tumblr

All songs used with the permission of the copyright holders.

Many thanks to all the artists who participated in making the music found on this compilation. Special thanks go out to those individuals who acted as the liaison between their band and me: Nick (Whirl) – whose quick and enthusiastic acceptance of my invitation got me off to a flying start; Paola (The Great Wilderness) – another whose quick and positive reply gave the project momentum; Ian (The Sunshine Factory) – made it 3 for 3, and I started to believe this compilation might actually happen; Geoff (C’est la Mort) – even hunted for a T-shirt I wanted; Emily (Gypsy Death and You) – restored momentum just when things appeared to stall; Ryan (Ten Million Suns) – let me know The Fuzzy Ball was returning to Portland; Dean Garcia (SPC ECO) – always patient and gracious; Steven (Insect Guide) – a real pleasure to work with; as was David (Anne) – who also put me in touch with Aryeh (American Gods) – who accepted a very late invitation, and worked quickly to help me make my (self-imposed) deadline.


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8 Responses to Two Weeks Notice

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  2. Its so great being included on this comp with such fabulous artists. Thank you and congrats to all the other bands!

  3. Scott says:

    So glad to see you back in the land of blogging – and this approach to compilation sharing is a great one!

    • NWshoegazer says:

      Thanks, Scott; it’s good to be back. This approach is a lot more work, but I have been more than adequately compensated for putting in the effort required to do things right. I was truly astonished when, of the thirteen invitations sent out to participate in this project, eleven of them came back with acceptances (one just a little too late to make this compilation, but will hopefully be on the next). The bands, like their music, have all been wonderful.

      So, are you going to help me color coordinate my blog icon?

      Thanks for stopping by. It’s good to talk to you again.

  4. Peter says:

    Thanks a lot, that’s pretty cool!

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  6. Radhika says:

    Xtra happy to see the Highspire shoutout – been on my favourite neo-shoegaze acts list since I turned into a gazeling

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